Have Children Will Travel


A mother of three obsessed with travel. After selling my travel business many years ago the obsession with travel continued. My husband and I now travel with three children in tow. Sometimes difficult, never boring. My goal is to show my children there are many ways to live in this world and every place has something to offer.

This is a travelogue of our travels. I am backdating most blogs to coincide with the dates we actually travelled to each destination. This is more a memory keeper for our family to remind us of how fortunate we are to have so many memories together.

My obsession with travel has taken us to all corners of the globe. Our belief is travel broadens the mind and goes hand in hand with the education a school can give. Anyone can go anywhere, you’re never too young or too old.

One comment

  1. You said: “Who says you can’t travel with young kids!!” No-one says it. For example we flew with our son to Rio de Janeiro from Helsinki when he was 2 years old. Very normal. A couple years of later we flew from Helsinki to Florida and from there to Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Very normal again. These are only some examples!

    Happy travel.


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